A light receiver, a light barrel and a light stock/fore-end not only mean a lighter shotgun, approximately 6.6 lbs
(3 kg), together they also result in exceptional balance, handling and control like the BERIKA®.

Armas Firearms's technological superiority and craftmanship guarantee the precise concentricity of every barrel and uniform wall thickness, allowing the barrels to be remarkably light and strong. All of the  BERIKA® barrels are precisely drilled and reamed from 42CrMo4 (4140) steel bar.

The exclusive hard chromed bore ensures truer, more consistent shot patterns and resists pitting and corrosion.

The receiver is formed in highly precise CNC machining centers from a high-strength alloy that is as strong as steel but 65 % lighter. This alloy is 7075 T6 aluminium based alloy that is commonly used in aerobusiness. The top of the receiver is designed to accept optics and other aiming systems. All surfaces are anodized for corosion and wear resistance.

The shouldering, the velocity of aiming of the stocks, the marksmanship and the control of the shotgun have been optimized in CAD design stage.

All the BERIKA® shotgun's select walnut is carefully fitted to the receiver for seamless wood-to-metal fit, giving it an appearance comparable to the most prestigious shotguns. A lengthened, radiused pistol grip, ergonomic comb and fine checkering ensure comfort and security for all hand sizes, as well correct finger position on the trigger.

The semi-gloss finish highlights the grain of the walnut wood, and water proofing guarantees protection against harsh hunting conditions.

All the BERIKA® models has consistent performance shot after shot allowing for flawless 7/8 oz. (24 g) load to the heaviest 2 oz. (57 g).