BERIKA® principles are endurance, aesthetics, cosmetics and functionality at a really matchless price. These principles are created by the new BERIKA® Over & Under Shotgun.

Superior features of the BERIKA® Over & Under are stocks made of supreme walnut wood and high value cosmetics. BERIKA® incorporates features that enhance endurance and performance. The ease of handling makes this wonder your frequent partner at hunting.

The accepted theory is "As the quality goes to high the price increases'. However the BERIKA® Over & Under disproves this theory. Matchless quality at a really matchless price can be obtained only in the BERIKA® Over & Under Shotgun.

Armas Firearms's technological superiority and craftmanship guarantee the precise concentricity of every barrel and uniform wall thickness, allowing the barrels to be remarkably light and strong. All the BERIKA® barrels are precisely drilled and reamed from 42CrMo4 (4140) steel bar.

The exclusive hard chromed bore ensures truer, more consistent shot patterns and resists pitting and corrosion.

Supplied in competitive 12 gauge model market, nice floral engraving on every side of the steel receiver and trigger guard makes this gun an alpha. The trigger is gold plated as a result of the importance of cosmetics in BERIKA® philosophy.

For a higher strength the barrels are drilled and later internally smoothed through a special reaming process, polished and hard chromed to resist corrosion, residual wear and tear from the use of steel shot. Finally the barrels are black chrome plated that has 10 times stronger corrosion resistance comparing to bluing.

The matte, anti-glare finished barrels feature a thin side rib that allows the BERIKA® Over & Under rapid cooling and lighter handling.

The super resistant matte electroless nickel finish on all metal parts including receiver, top lever, trigger guard, trigger plate, hinges is the real long time warranty for BERIKA® Over & Under owners. The finish enables long life and protection against scratches.

As to stocks, absolutely they are the unique proof why BERIKA® Over & Under has a really matchless price. In BERIKA® engineering the starting rule for the excellent quality is the selection of the raw material. Additionally to the strict selection of Turkish Walnut Wood, staining is done with the best quality chemicals. As a result of this special attention, the beauty of the BERIKA® Over & Under comes from the stocks.

The dimensions are customized for hunting to achieve super accuracy on target by means of fastest aiming. The contribution to the gun balance of the Turkish Walnut stocks is one of the main duties of BERIKA® designer as maximum handling and ease of swing can be guaranteed while each component is perfectly proportioned with the other and balanced in weight. BERIKA® Over & Under on the most formidable game not only on the strict testing conditions of ARMAS Firearms Company.